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Muuto Under The Bell Pendant Lamp Ø82cm

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The Danish design duo Iskos-Berlin created a new lamp for Muuto. Thanks to its size, the felt pendant ‘Under the bell’ creates a cosy space for both an intimate or lively chat and it even improves the acoustics in the room.

Under The Bell is a pendant lamp that is multi-functional as the design not only provides an ambient light but also enhances the acoustics of the room. 

With its raw, tactile texture that comes from its shade being produced using recycled plastic felt, Under The Bell is an example of modern design with hints to Scandinavian values.

The lamp blends effortlessly into open spaces such as restaurants, hotels, work environments and education institutions.

Material: PET material & rubber cord. Canopy included. Bulb not included.

Dimension: H46 Ø82cm, Cord L500cm