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Umbra Buddy over the door 4 hooks, white

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Looking for a playful yet modern way to keep your coats and accessories neat, organized and accessible when you need them most. Now you can do just that while at the same time adding a fun accent to your existing room decor. Introducing Buddy 4-Hook from Umbra. This set of 4 buddy hooks on a rail can be wall-mounted or placed over your door. When not in use, it serves as fun, unique wall decor that is sure to be a conversation-starter. Then whenever you need them, they become coat hangers with the head and legs providing a place to hang your coats, scarfs, purses, backpacks, umbrellas, bathrobes, towels and more.

Maximum load of 5 lbs.
Material: Plastic
Dimension: 46.99 * 11.43 * 31.75 cm