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Tiny Island


Tiny Island Star Ferry Silkscreen Poster

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When you buy Tiny Island, you don't just buy quality, you support the local craftsmen of Hong Kong fighting back against cheap digital mass production. 

The only floating, mass transit, cultural landmark of Hong Kong. Without a doubt my favourite way to travel in this city. I could only wish for less reclamation, so to stay aboard longer.

Tiny Island brings you the first in our floating Icon series of prints. This is a step up from our maps in terms of complexity since it's a 3 colour silk screen print on red museum grade paper stock. That means 3 separate silk screen frames are needed to complete the print. 

Never confuse what we do at Tiny Island with any digitally printed products out there, they only cost about 5% of what we invest in our hand printed artworks.

The floating Icon series is inspired by an edition of stamps from the 60's that I have in my collection. This is also why the prints exhibit rather uneven lines, since the image is hand traced from something very very small.

  • Fits standard frames perfectly
  • Silk Screen printed by hand
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • Printed on Acid Free Museum Grade stock
  • 242g Japanese recycled paper
  • Fade resistant archival printing paint

Material: 242g Japanese recycled paper
Dimension:  W50 X H70 CM

*This item is Online Exclusive