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&Tradition Elefy JH31 chair, silk cognac leather, walnut base

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Design: Jaime Hayón

The Elefy chair by &Tradition, with its rounded shape and humorous name, was inspired by elephants. The generous seat is supported by sturdy legs, and the softly curved armrests are reminiscent of an elephant’s ears. The attractive chairs have been designed with comfort in mind: the designer Jaime Hayón wanted to create a chair that would envelop the sitter from all sides, generating a cosy sense of warmth and wellbeing. The Elefy chair is designed to be used in various spaces, and it fits particularly well around a dining or conference table.

Dimension: 57,5 * 58 * H77 cm, Seat height: 47 cm
Material: Polypropylene, HR foam, solid wood, leather upholstery.
Notes: Felt gliders installed as standard.