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Steamery Cirrus No.2 travel steamer, black

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Designed with a soft, matte finish and a wide stainless-steel mouth that spreads the steam evenly over the fabric to effortlessly smooth out creases and refresh your clothes. Efficiently removes unwanted odours, shallow dirt and bacteria. The water reservoir in the handle lasts for 6 minutes of continuous steam – plenty of time to steam one whole outfit. Cirrus No.2 is a sustainable and efficient way for ironing and washing. 

Material: Polypropylene
Dimension: w33 x d15 x h9.5 cm

/ Starts in 25 seconds
/ Up to 6 min of on demand steam (enough to steam one outfit)
/ Easy water refill without unplugging the steamer from the power outlet
/ Up to 15g steam/min
/ Also perfect for refreshing your bedding and upholstery. 
/ Weighs: 0.75-0.78 kg
/ Only use distilled water in your steamer
/ 1-year manufacturer warranty