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Supershelf Floating Bookshelf

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A special bookshelf that gives a 'floating-on-air' feeling. The superhero character seems to easily stop the books from falling down to the ground.

Hang the Supershelf on the wall using two screws (not included). Insert the shelf between the book cover and the first/ last page of the book (preferably a soft covered / paypaerback book). Attach the magnetic superhero hand anywhere you please while holding the book cover tight to the shelf. Stack additional books on it until the base attached to the wall is completely covered.

An uncommon bookshelf that book lovers can't remain indifferent to…
Excellent gift idea for Nerds, Geeks and Superheros' fans.
Max. Weight recommended 3.5kg. Do not overload.

Made of metal painted black.
Dimension: L13 H16 W12cm