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Roll-Up Drum

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- High-quality Built-in Dual Speakers: bring you astonishing bass effect, no need to connect with other speakers, CONVENIENT.
- Extraordinary Drumming Fidelity: 7 Professional tritone standard drum pads with drum bit swap & pedal function, assure you a maximum verisimilar & dramatic drum-playing acoustic sensation.
- Tempo-adjusting & Styl e-Switching: with Built-in Metronome basic functions & different styles of Drums programmed in, Pop/ Rock/ Latin/Electronic Styles are all available.
- Multifunctional USB MIDI/Micro Jacks: can be simultaneously powered & connected with computer/ laptop/ tablet PC/ mobile phone to charge or play computer drum games.
- A fun must-have for Drum-Players: amp; with an external headphone output, you can immerse in your music world without disturbing others, play anywhere anytime.

Dimension: 44cm x 28cm x 0.6cm

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