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Qeeboo Rabbit rechargeable lamp (outdoor)

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Available as an outdoor lamp, in the Big, Small and XS formats.

Rabbit is a family of products with a strong media impact, one of Stefano Giovannoni's hat tricks, and immediately became a pop icon, a symbol of love and fertility, which brings good luck and good wishes.

The idea of the rabbit, a gentle, lovable and shy animal, comes from the association of its silhouette with that of a seat, where the rabbit's ears become the backrest of the chair.


Equipped with rechargeable battery LED light and 16 different interchangeable RGB colors, it includes a kit including a power supply and remote control.

Light Emission: Diffused
Light Source: Color Changing LED with Remote Control. 
Rechargeable battery with 6 hrs autonomy.
Colors: White ( 16 colors of light RGB )