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Qeeboo Mexico Stool and Sidetable , Terracotta

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Job says he was inspired by a legendary figure who lived wrapped in mystery: 'the singer without a name'. "No one had ever seen her come out of her house, where heavy velvet curtains hid her from the eyes of the curious. The inscrutable singer was the author of a great musical success entitled, in fact, Mexico ". (Job Smeets)  The result is a story that plays down on what scares us most, death, meaning that it cancels the features of the face and transforms it into something else. Decorated with the graphic pattern of the Mexican skull, a symbol created to exorcise death and celebrate life, it becomes an extravagant stool/table with a rigid top. 

Material: PE-Polyethylene
Dimensions: W. 38.2 cm - D. 53 cm - H. 45 cm