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Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Lamp XS white

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"Giraffe in love" is the new product born from the collaboration between artist/designer Marcantonio and Qeeboo. It is a dreamy giraffe holding a classic Marie-Therese style chandelier. “Giraffe in love” represents irony and lightness: the giraffe is in love but she does not know it yet because her heart is far from her head and she lives love light-heartedly.

The miniature version of the “Giraffe in Love” is 100 cm tall (an exact reproduction of the full-size) that becomes a versatile and iconic design object in full Qeeboo style.

Dimension: L60 W27 H100cm
Material: Fiberglass
Light Source: MAX 4.5W E14 LED 220V-240V 50Hz
Cable Length: 50+180cm