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Normann Copenhagen


Normann Copenhagen Tap Stool Oak Legs

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Tap is surprising, different and still familiar. A stackable stool with an individual character. Normann Copenhagen used weightless hard foam for the production of the seat. This one is flexible and it has a closed surface - just like caoutchouc. This is how Tap acts dirt-repellent, resistant and easily cleanable.

The moon cast seat is comfortable and it is responsible for the inviting appearance of the stool, which is also known from cushioned furniture. The connection between the three legs and the seat is an integrating part of the design. Tap is also a visual unity when it is observed from its side, because of that connection.

Material: Seat in PUR Foam, legs in Oak Veneer
Dimension: height 43 cm, diameter 41 cm
Self-assemble item: This item is delivered in flat-pack.

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