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Northern Hifive Slim Wall Cabinet

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Design and display come together in this wall-mounted cabinet, which was created for storing household items and digital devices. The cabinet has been created according to a modular concept, resulting in a flexible design that suits a range of practical needs. The 75 cm version consists of two units: an open display unit and a cabinet made with a scrolling wooden door that rolls vertically to close. The 100 cm version includes the unit with a scrolling door along with two open units, hence its longer length. All units are made with versatility in mind, and each version can be configured and combined in flexible arrangements. Both 75 and 100 cm versions are supplied with a wooden top surface that conceals the joins between the individual units. The units are available in three finishes: light-coloured oiled oak veneer, smoked oak veneer and a dark black paint finish with a soft sheen. Subtle in expression and practical in scope, Hifive creates attractive storage solutions for the contemporary interior.

Material: Oak Veneer
Dimension: D30 H30cm, L25 / 50 / 75 / 100cm