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Nebo Tango™ Portable Worklight & Powerbank

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The Tango™ features 2 high-power light sources, a 250 lumen spot light and 750 lumen C•O•B work light.
The Tango™ is fully rechargeable and also serves as a power bank for your USB powered devices. A seven position 180º rotating arm functions as a hanging hook, carry handle, or a kickstand.
Best of all, use Turbo Mode to combine the spot light and work light for 1,000 lumens of intense illumination. After all, it takes two to Tango™.

Work Light - 750 lumens, 2 hour runtime, 45 meter beam
Spot Light - 250 lumens, 5 hour runtime, 135 meter beam
TURBO MODE - 1000 lumens, 2 minute runtime

Fully rechargeable
Power bank for your USB powered devices
Non-slip rubber coating
Water and impact-resistant
Fully dimmable
Memory Power Setting
180º pivoting base

Powered by rechargeable battery included
(Recharge time: 5 - 6 hours)

Dimension: L148 W148 D45mm
Weight: 340g