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Mr Maria


Mr Maria Lion First Light Dimmable Rechargeable Night Light

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The Lion first light made of soft silicone is 25 centimeters tall and has a dimmable Mr Maria LED module. Though he has a wild reputation, Lion turns out to be a comforting night light design. During the day his yellow colour is eye catching, turn the light on and he will turn into a gentle creature with a comforting yellow glow. The Lion night light is dimmable through 6 dimming steps and even has a special night mode. 

Made of Soft Silicone, BPA-Free. The First Light can be charged with the provided USB-cable and will use its battery to shine for weeks after that. First Light makes every place feel like home, its the perfect traveling night light that ensures your child has a good night sleep anywhere in the world.

USB rechargeable Led, charging cable included. Light adjustable.  
Dimension: 16 * 19 * h25cm