MP01 Mobile Phone . White

Designed by Punkt

Jasper Morrison's forward-thinking design pares the mobile phone back to its essential functions, allowing you to focus on what really matters: communication. The phone is designed to limit distraction and free the user from constant demands on their attention, streamlining functions to the essential services of calling and texting. The MP01's functional simplicity means that it can be used to make and receive calls and texts, maintain a calendar, store contact addresses and leave reminder notes on the home screen. However, unlike old-school mobile phones the MP01 can be twinned with a smartphone SIM card, allowing it to share the same phone number. Contacts can also be imported via a USB cable.

Made of highly durable materials including a high-specification paint finish and damage-resistant Gorilla Glass screen, the MP01 is built to last and offers a sustainable alternative to the disposable culture of modern gadgetry. Features an impressive battery life (290 minutes talk time, 500 hours standby time) alongside noise cancellation, excellent audio and a powerful loudspeaker. The range of bespoke ringtones has been designed by Norwegian sound artist Kjetil R??st Nilsen.

The MP01 uses the GSM (2Gnetworkmainly to benefit from the reduced battery drain that this system offersHowevernot all countries have a GSM service, for more info, please email 

Delivery Remark
Estimated Arrival: 2-5 working days to HK
Returns: We accept returns within 10 days of delivery for a refund or free exchange when returned in a saleable condition with original packaging.


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