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Fresh 360 Plus Reusable Mobile Dehumidifier

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Fresh 360 Plus is a dehumidifying stick with a dryer base, it can be reuse up to 300 times. Simply place the stock into wardrobe, bookshelf, car etc, the cylinder design lets it effectively absorb moist 360 degrees. 

Input : AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Power : 45W
Desiccant Type : Silicone dioxide
Working Capacity : 80-100ml
Drying Time : 2 hours
No. of Cycles : 300+ times
Period of Use : 3 years (Desiccant agent)

Dimension : W7 x  D7 x H19 cm (Dehumidifying stick), W12 x D12 x H27 cm (Including the dryer base)