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Menu Carrie rechargeable lamp, burn red (outdoor ver)

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The Carrie Table Lamp, Portable embodies what makes Scandinavian design great: minimalism, innovation, love of light and the indefinable ‘hygge.’ The portability and diffuse glow make it useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Now designed as a portable, lightweight lamp, the Carrie Table Lamp and its scaled down version for tabletop lighting are unique for their multiple uses and mutability. With a sleek, functional handle and a warm orb of light nestled gently in a basket-like base, the lamps are useful almost anywhere; even on the go, as they are cordless and come with a USB charger.

/ Fully charged, each will stay on for ten hours.
/ A minimalist innovation for freedom and flexibility
/ Unique for its multiple uses and mutability
/ Cordless design
/ Comes with a concealed magnetic connector at its base for easy charging
/ plastic base version is approved for outdoor use
/ IP44 splash proof

Material: plastic base
Dimension: Ø15 x h25 cm