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Manopoulos 4in1 Combo Game, drawing (chess/backgammon/ludo/snakes)

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Gather around the table for an afternoon of fun with the Four in One Children's Games Compendium from Manopoulos. Including the most loved games; Chess, Backgammon, Ludo and Snakes & Ladders, each beautifully realised in the most charming, colorful 'freehand' style. Perfect for traditional gamers of all ages, the four in one compendium is a delightful update on timeless family favourite games and includes everything you will need for play.

material: laminated wood
dimension: 34w x 34dcmd

- 32 Wooden Chessmen
- 30 Wooden Backgammon Checkers
- 16 colored Wooden Game Pieces
- 5 Dice
- 1 doubling cube
- Wooden Case: Laminated Wood
- Chessmen/Checkers/Game Pieces: Wood