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Miffy Nijntje Sleep Trainer

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This is the silver sleep coach of Nijntje (Miffy). An innovative product that teaches children playfully to stay in bed. The Nijntje (Miffy) Sleep Coach is the solution for children who wake up too early and then stand on your bedroom door.
User instructions Miffy sleep trainer
At bedtime you tell to you're your child Nijntje (Miffy) goes to sleep and that he/she must be quiet. You show that Nijntje (Miffy) closes her eyes. You set the alarm for example: 07.00. You tell your child that he/she may only leave his/her bed as Nijntje (Miffy) opens her eyes and the music sounds. If your child rather than waking up, pressing the button on the bedside of Nijntje (Miffy). There is an indicator light but (Nijntje) Miffy has her eyes still closed. Your child will still need to stay in bed and be quiet, because otherwise (Nijntje) Miffy awake! 07.00 Miffy will open her eyes and for 1 minute sound a happy song.
Good morning, it's time to get up.
This sleep trainer works on three AAA batteries (not included).