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Menu TR Bulb Suspension Frame pendant lamp 125*45cm, brushed brass

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Tim Rundle

TR Bulb is both a lamp and a lampshade at the same time: it consists of a round opal glass diffuser with a fixed, dimmable LED unit, providing a smooth white light with no glare. A single TR Bulb can easily be installed to any standard E27 socket, such as a pendant or table lamp, by simply screwing it in.

Material: Brushed brass frame, opal glass LED lamp.
Light Source: E27, 7,2 Watt, A+ (Standard)

Dim to warm option available
The effect know as dim to warm lowers the colour temperature of an LED bulb when dimmed. The lower the brightness, the warmer (more orange) the colour to create a more natural ambience reminiscent of the sky at sunset. Dimming does not alter the colour temperature, but rather simply lowers the light level.

Dimension: L125 H45cm, cord length: 300cm, canopy: ABS Black, Ø11.5 H3.8cm