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Menu Kaschkasch Floor Mirror 175 x 42cm

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Together, young German designers, Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, work together and are known as Kaschkasch. Simply, they have designed and created an innovative mirror that is named after themselves. The Kaschkasch Mirror is an eye-catching design that has been created to accommodate homes and commercial interiors that have limited space. The full-length, triangular shaped mirror, fits neatly into corners, leaving a small footprint. This clever optical illusion captures the attention of many passersby.

A simple and sophisticated colour palette means that this mirror will suit almost any interior style. Available in black or white, the mirror will work particularly well in an interior with a black, white or grey colour scheme. Tuck away in the corner of your bedroom or living space, or rather create an interesting focal point within your bathroom. Crafted from powder coated aluminum, the Kaschkasch Mirror has a smooth texture to it, that is easily cleaned.

Made of powder-coated aluminium

Dimensions: H:175cm x W:42cm x D:20cm