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Menu CO Lounge Chair , Black Steel/Dark Oak/City Velvet CA7832/031

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Seat, backrest and armrest are made of curved plywood. The shell is CNC-milled in a 5-axis CNC machine.. The core is made from beech veneer with an outer layer of oak veneer. Double layer foam is used on the upholstered seat for added comfort. 

The base is made of bent, MIG+TIG-welded steel tubes and the armrest are made from steel rods. The base and armrest are powder coated. The seat is milled MDF with a painted finish. The upholstered seat and back is made from plywood shell, foam and upholstery. 

Material: Backrest and armrest in dark stained oak wax stained. Seat in beech, plywood, CAL117 foam (30 mm 45N / 40kg and 10 mm 32N / 40 kg), upholstery. Base in powder coated steel.
Dimension: H. 71 cm - AH. 58 cm - SH. 41 cm - D. 66 cm - W. 70 cm