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Matador FlatPak™ Soap Bar Case

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FlatPak™ soap bar case is designed for ultralight adventure. 3 Times lighter* and 6 times more compact** than plastic soap bar cases. Built from Welded Cordura® with Dry-Through™ technology. Soap bar dries through material while keeping liquid water inside. Leak proof, clean, and easy to use. TSA approved.

11 grams
Fits standard size soap bars (max. 4 x 2.4 x 1.3")
Technical Specs:

3X lighter*
6X more compact**
Dry-Through™ Technology lets soap dry through case
Flexible Fabric design adapts to size of soapbar
Hypalon® rolltop closure + YKK® buckle
TSA approved

**6 times more compact when compared to most soap bar cases containing 1oz bar of soap
*3 times lighter compared to most traditional plastic soap bar cases
Patent and/or patents pending