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Marset Ledtube USB wall

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Marset Ledtube RSC USB is a minimalist reading lamp, for example to be inserted in a plaster or wood plate. It provides, for example, a pleasant reading light at the bedside. It is glare-free and steerable, and additionally enables to load Smartphones and other devices with integrated USB connections.

The cylindrical reflector lies flat in the depression when the light is turned off. The light is automatically turned on, as soon as the reflector is folded out, and is again turned off when put back in its former position. It is not necessary anymore to search for a switch in the dark, a simple gesture is enough to turn on the light.

Casing and reflector head are made of metal and are available in various refined surfaces. The depression's inner side is covered with a cover of clear polycarbonate. The reflector's aperture is covered with a honeycomb grid, enabling the light to shine without glaring.

The rectangular recessed light is suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting, and, thanks to its flat construction and no-frills shapes, easily adapts to every setting. When the light is turned off, it has a depth of 2 cm only. The Ledtube recessed light appeals in hotel rooms thanks to its minimalist design and the ingenious and simple handling.

Build-in LED modules: 3.6W LED, 132 lm, 2700K, CRI 90.
Dimensions: Width 7 cm, height 18.9 cm, recessed depth 5.5 cm, recessed height 17.2 cm, recessed width 5.7 cm.