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Mathmos Telstar Orange Rocket Lava Lamp, Blue/Yellow (50cm)

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The telstar was inspired by the space race fever that gripped the 1960s. Telstar legs are precision cast and then chromed and embossed with the Mathmos logo. Telstar bottles are hand filled in Mathmos' British factory with our unique long-lasting lava lamp formula developed by our founder and inventor of the lava lamp Edward Craven Walker. Each telstar is individually inspected and tested to ensure that our lava lamps are the best quality available.

Material: aluminium base, Glass Bottle (Mathmos lava formula)

Dimension:  Ø19 x h50 cm

- Each lava lamp has a approx. lifespan of 2000 hours, when the Lava lamp goes cloudy, it means the product has reach its end of life, new bottle can be purchase as replacement, as well as the light bulb.