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Mathmos Astro Copper lave lamp, yellow/orange (43 cm)

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Astro is the first lava lamp designed by the founder of Mathmos and inventor of lava lamps Edward Craven Walker in 1963.

This range of Astro's has hand-spun copper anodised metal, the finish originally used for the astro in the 1960s and ‘70s. It looks as fresh today as it did in 1963 when it first rolled off the production line in Poole, Dorset. Available in ten lava colour combinations all with Mathmos’ unique lava lamp formulation. Replacement parts for this design classic are available from Mathmos for Astro's bought in the 1960s right through to the present day.

Material: aluminium base, Glass Bottle (Mathmos lava formula)
Dimension:  Ø14 x h43 cm

/ Each lava lamp has a approx. lifespan of 2000 hours, when the Lava lamp goes cloudy, it means the product has reach its end of life, new bottle can be purchase as replacement, as well as the light bulb.