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Levimoon the floating moon lamp, 15cm

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Levimoon - The Moon is the world's first levitating moon light with true wireless charging implemented. By combining patented levitating technology and the latest 3D printing technology.

Main Features
Wireless charging of the light without any cable nor contact
Fully restored the surface of the Moon
Docking made of high quality wood
Controllable brightness and light color between white and yellow
Also working as a portable light after the light is charged

15cm Sphere Light Dimensions: ≥14cm and <15cm due to uneven surface
15cm Levitating Docking Dimensions: 12.2cm x 12.2cm x 3cm
Sphere Light Material: PLA
Base Finish: Walnut wood
Lighting Color Options: Warm yellow and cold white
LED voltage: 0.1w ~ 1.5w
Working Hours: 10-100 hours
Battery Capacity: 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Sphere Light Power: Wireless charging with levitating docking
Base Power: Power adapter @ Global voltage compatible 100 - 240v