Kookoo Kids Alarm Clock

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Children aren't woken by an annoying ringing in the morning with the KidsAlarm by KooKoo, but by soft animal sounds – for a beautiful starting of the day!
Five different original sounds recorded from nature can be chosen: The cock crows with the whole flock of chickens, the dog barks friendlily, the pig greets oinking and the cat meows the kid softly out of his dreams.
The trumpeting of an elephant will even wake deep sleepers. Children are able to decide whether animal wakes them in the morning with a wheel on the back of the clock. The alarm is activated by placing one of the five magnetic animals on the top of the clock.

Movement: Silent Quartz movement
Batteries  3 x AAA (LR03) 1.5 V (not included)
Dimension: H9.4 W9.4 D9.4cm