Kookoo Birdhouse Wall Clock

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The BirdHouse is a refreshingly modern cuckoo clock inspired by the famous original German Schwarzwälder Kuckucksuhr. By cleaning up the often over-decorated traditional lines the BirdHouse cuckoo clock is fit for modern interiors. The design is clear, simple and pure nevertheless the clock comes with an unexpected charming hidden feature. The little birdie is 'multi-lingual', it can sing in various genuine bird voices, a cuckoo voice and also in further 12 European songbird voices spanning from Blackbird to Oriole, all recorded in the outdoors by Jean-Claude Roché. The bird voices emerging from this lovely cuckoo clock sound so authentic that your visitors will comment on it and ask where the nice sounding bird is.

Dimension: H27.4 W17.2 D11.2cm