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Kna plus


Kna plus PLECO shopping bag 35 * 40cm, small

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Made in Fukui, Japan

Pleco Vertical Pleats Small in recycled and biodegradable polyester.
Due to the nature of the fabric, the bags will lose its durability after a while. 

Roughly  35 * 40cm fully expanded
Pleats are not permanent. To maintain pleats and prevent them from spreading, empty the bag after use and leave it somewhere flat like a table top. When washing, use neutral detergent and hand wash.

The material is not resistant to heat. Do not iron or tumble dry the bag.
Do not store in a place with high temperature, such as a hot car.
Deterioration of the material due to bio-degradation can be accelerated by particular conditions of usage or storage. If any deterioration is found, stop using the bag.
Holds approximately four 2L bottles. (10kg / 4 lbs)