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Jacob Jensen

Jacob Jensen kettle 0.6L

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Design: Jacob Jensen

The Kettle by Jacob Jensen is a clever household appliance in a classic and timeless design. The straight lines offer the kettle Jacob Jensen-typical elegance.

The Kettle by Jacob Jensen has a capacity of 1.2L, while the smaller version can hold 0.6L. You can monitor the amount of water inside the larger version at any time using the water level indicator. The Kettle is pleasantly quiet and easy to use. You can easily open the appliance by pressing a button.

Jacob Jensen’s Kettle rests on a 360 degree base. The Kettle can easily be placed back on from any side, which ensures simple and ergonomic operation. The appliance can be mounted on a wall if desired. This way it’s always within reach while saving space in your kitchen.

The materials required for wall installation are included. The wall bracket is included separately and can be attached to the Kettle if required.

Material: Aluminium (brushed); Plastic
Dimensions: 13 * 21.4 * h16,2