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IXXI Graphic 189 C by Mareike Boehmer

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© Mareike Boehmer

Mareike Boehmer is a designer and photographer from Germany. In 2012 she started selling her abstract graphics and nature photography, since 2016 she’s a freelance artist. Despite growing up in a small village near Frankfurt, the city of Berlin has been a great influence ever since her first visit. The contrasts of the city, the colorful graffiti art and the mix of old and new architecture together with the cultural diversity of its inhabitants, make Berlin a truly fascinating place for her. She visits the city at least once a year for renewed inspiration.

A true eye-catcher on the wall!

Synaps, synthetic paper (moisture, crease and UV resistant)
Material: Synaps, synthetic paper (moisture resistant, UV resistant and tear-proof)
Assembled Dimensions: 80 * 100cm / 120 * 160cm