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At first glance, the lamp looks like a brass capsule perched on a marble plinth. But pop its top, and out slides a glowing LED cylinder. Like a plane's fuselage, the lamp's metal shell protects its contents. To turn it off, just push it back in. It's a delightfully simple conceit that adds a little surprise to the simple act of flipping on a lamp.

Material : Brass - Base : marble - Cable : fabric
Dimensions : L 55,5 x H 12 cm - Base : L 52 x Larg 5 x H 4 cm - Brass tube : L 37 x Ø 8 cm - Light tube : Ø 5 cm x L 14,5 cm max.- Cable : 150 cm
Characteristics : No switch : illuminates by releasing the diffuser from its capsule - Bulb LED included : CL III, 8W - IP 20

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