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MISOKA . ISM Toothbrush

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Brush without Toothpaste. 
Just with water...

Japanese tech company developed a toothbrush that uses super skinny nylon 
bristles wrapped in nano-sized mineral ions to scrub teeth clean. Stains are lifted, plaque and other unwanted materials are avoided, and the enamel that defends your teeth from decay is protected.

How it works
Simply moisten the bristles and start brushing...The Misoka toothbrush gives you the confidence of knowing you have brushed your teeth properly, leaving the inside of your mouth feeling fresher by making it more difficult for plaque and other material to stick to your teeth.
How to use
No toothpaste needed. Simply fill a cup with water. Dip and moisten the toothbrush into the water. Brush teeth gently. Then 
rinse out mouth with the water.

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This toothbrush, replace one once a month after use.

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