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Skyline Chess


Skyline Chess New York City vs London

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This board offers a contemporary and tactile playing surface for your Skyline Chess Set with a black and white hatch design. Made from birch veneered ply, the playing board has been hand screen-printed in London." New York City / London King – One World Trade Tower / Canary Wharf Queen – Empire State Building / The Shard Bishop – Chrysler Building / 30 St. Mary Axe Knight – Flatiron Building / London Eye Rook – Guggenheim Museum / Big Ben Pawn – Brownstone House / Terraced House "

Material: The 32-piece set is cast in injection moulded acrylic.
Each piece is double weighted and has a soft felt base.
Each set comes complete with a board and presentation box.
Dimension:42 x 22 x 5 cm

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