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Gentlemen's Hardware


Gentlemen's Hardware Axe Multi Tool

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An axe multi tool isn’t something you’ll see every day. It screams outdoors, seeing as you can count on the fingers of no hands the practical uses indoors for an axe. In fact, it makes you instantly want to head into the wilderness. Because there’s something that speaks to the primal beast inside us about this axe multi-tool. You can’t hold its mini-blade without instantly wanting to chop some kindling and reach for the marshmallows. And once the fire’s roaring, you can use the two saws and knife blade to fashion a stick into a dolphin (optional) before opening a can of beans and a cold beer with its other tools (both mandatory). It also comes with a mini-mallet, two screwdrivers and a file to make even Bear Grylls jealous.

Material: wood, metal
Dimension: w16 x d7.7 x h2 cm