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OS 0100529510018

HAG SoFi Mesh 7500 with Headrest, grey

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165mm gaslift
The HÅG SoFi is the ultimate task chair. Visually warm and welcoming, it hides the fact that it’s packed full of smart functionality. Designed to create a neat impression, its complete user-friendliness makes it ideal for both your own desk, and multi-user working environments. It’s easy to adjust and continuously energizes you.

– HÅG inBalance™
– Seat depth adjustment
– Adjustable lumbar support
– Adjustable tilting resistance forwards and backward
– Lockable tilt

Material: aluminium, plastic, steel, pur, zinc, textiles, pvc
Dimension: ø60 (base)

technical detail

Fabric back mesh: Light grey Mesh (Palmhive) MEH002
Fabric choice: Light grey Select (Gabriel) SC60139
Plastic colour Sofi: Grey Plast PL112
Metal color: Silver MC012
Gas Life: 165 mm LI017
Footbase: Foot base aluminium G4 FB022
Castor: grey, 65 mm, for all floors, braked unloaded CA019
Foam choice: Standard foam FC001
Headrest: SoFi HR004
Armest colour: AT101_AB101_AS101
Cross arm: EA004

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