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HAG Capisco 8106 Ergonomic Chair , Fabric , Xtreme EXR009

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HAG Capisco 8106 chairs offer unique advantages for use with height adjustable worktables. With the Capisco's saddle seat you can vary between low and high working positions - right up to standing position, allowing you to be dynamic, but still in balance.

HAG Capisco is inspired by the horseman's saddle and sitting posture. No one sits as actively as a rider in the saddle. When you work seated on a HAG Capisco, youll be inspired to greater freedom of movement, variation, and new natural sitting positions. Allowing you to sit as high or low as you want. No other work chair is so well adapted to work surfaces of different heights. The Capisco office chair allows you to sit down and adjust it from a normal table height to semi-standing position.

Optional Foot Ring Additional hk$1120