Flò Step Ladder . Grey

Designed by Magis
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Almost twenty years after the launch of the ladder Step, Magis has developed the design for a new stepladder, seeking to create an object that meets all the different safety standards for this product category (Flo is actually TV certified): furthermore, the design includes a handrail that extends to above knee-height when the person is standing on the top step. Flo is a light, practical and extremely sturdy folding stepladder, with an aluminium frame and ABS steps. It is opened and closed by simply raising or lowering the cross-bar on the safety rail, which disappears entirely when the ladder is closed, making it neat, compact and easy to store.

Material: Aluminium Frame & ABS Steps
Dimension: H140 D75 W50cm

Delivery Remark
Estimated Arrival: 2-5 working days to HK

Code  0100078210018

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