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no.30 Dog figurine (5cm)

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Made of heavy weighted zinc alloy. Each animal figurine can serve as a birthday gift, a lucky charm, or a blessing and can be used as a brilliant decorative display, a practical paperweight, or a chopstick stand. It can serve any purpose that your heart desires.

Designed by OFPD, Office for Product Design is a design studio formed in 2007 by Nicol Boyd and Tomas Rosén, who originally began their collaboration while studying at the Royal College of Art in London. With a focus on exploring and developing carefully considered products and their associated experiences, the office works in close collaboration with a diverse client list across a wide range of sectors, spanning home ware, consumer electronics, furniture, lighting and interiors.

Material: zinc alloy
Dimension: l3.2 x w2.8 x h4.6 cm