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Punkt ES01 Extension Socket White

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Made in Italy.
ES01 extension socket by Georges Moanack for Punkt.

The ES01 offers a sleek solution to cable clutter. Up to five power cables can be plugged into the hub, concealed beneath the removable circular lid. A rubber power switch on top of the ES01 provides simultaneous operation of all devices plugged in, with on/off status is indicated by a soft white light. Cables coming out of the ES01 can be arranged using the enclosed rubber C-clip. Three-metre fabric power cord offers flexibility to suit most settings.

Sockets are positioned to accomodate power plugs and AC adapters of different shapes and sizes through five fully functional sockets. In the event of power overload, the 10 Ampere resettable fuse immediately cuts the circuit to protect all appliances. Fuse reset button is located on the base of the unit.

Built-in surge protector guards plugged-in devices from voltage spikes and power surges; LED light indicates when surge protection is active.
Dimensions: 20.6dia x 10.7cm Cord length: 3m