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3100108510009 6F

ex-display | Eone Bradley Premium Tactile Watch , BLACK

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editor's comment
- strap and watch face has some sign of usage (due to displaying on stand)
- overall good condition
- still in original packaging 

the minimalist face of the bradley voyager features raised hour markers brushed in a sleek mirrored finish. the ring around the timepiece face features a reflective hue that radiates varying shades of slate when angled. crafted from genuine italian leather and finished with detailed nylon stitching, the wristband adds to the durability and elegance of the piece.

the bradley timepiece features a triangular marker for twelve, and elongated markers for three, six and nine in order to increase tactile legibility. the ball bearing on the inside of the markers indicates the minute, and the ball bearing running along the outer edge of the watchface indicates the hour.

dimension: ø40mm thickness11.5mm
case material: stainless steel / aluminium
strap width: 20mm.
wrist size: 6 1/2 inches - 8 1/4 inches
strap material: meshed staineless

water resistance: good for brief immersion in water
shock resistance: not intended to be worn during high level activity sports.

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