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Design House Stockholm Lulu Pouf, Cream

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Is it a chair? A plaything? A sculpture? What is art and what is design is hardly relevant when it comes to Färg & Blanche’s Lulu. It might resemble a pet, but then a quite stylized one that waits to be explored. Lulu is surely nicely soft and strong: to sit on straight up as on a chair, or to recline on as with a chaise lounge. And for a more intimate and connecting way of a seating experience. Lulu is a sculpture that is also friendly practical. Figurative and imaginative, ready to vitalize any interior. Its like living furniture that populates your home, cries Fredrik Färg interrupted by Emma Blanche who claims that Lulu will let you relate differently to a furniture object, almost like with a pet. Alone, or a whole flock of them, Lulu will make your home relatable in a new and harmonious way. The design duo has once more doubled down on playful designs, this time in a multi-use furniture piece that adds new flexibility to any environment.

Material: Structure: Kiln dried solid timber, TSCA-certified plywood, high-density foam wrapped with fibre on top. Cover: 70% recycled polyester, 30% polyester.
Dimension: 65w x 36d x 59cmh

Seat height: 38cm