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0200086510015 + 0200141210034

DCW Lampe Gras N214 wall lamp

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The Lampe Gras No. 214 has a 21 cm diameter cone and a height of 15 centimeters. The steel luminaire is black with a satin finish. The length of the short arm is 20 centimeters and that of the long arm 73 centimeters. The length of the suspension rod is 118 centimeters. The two wall mountings at the top and bottom of the rod have a diameter of 7 centimeters. The cable is 240 centimeters long and the switch is on the cable.

Material : Steel, Celoron, Aluminium, Borosilicate glass, Galvanized steel
Dimensions 93 * H118cm; Cable Length: 240cm; Diameter Diffuser: 21cm