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La Boite Concept


La Boite Concept Cube Bluetooth speaker - Thruster 2.1 . Corian Finish

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The Cube CS (Corian® Series) and Woody versions are universal, wireless high fidelity loudspeakers that are both powerful and compact, shaped like a coffee table.

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With this high fidelity acoustic speaker you can connect any sources (computers, tablets, smartphones, turntables, TV, Sonos®), and enjoy extremely high quality depth of sound. The compact Cube is an elegant addition to your home.

The Cube required 2 years of research led by CC LAB, La Boite concept’s research laboratory. In accord with traditional Hi-Fi’s fundamentals, its exclusive loudspeakers provide a natural sound and the cabinet integrates La Boite concept’s latest innovations, as well as digital processing technologies that make it truly part of the era of dematerialised music.

Samuel Accoceberry, a French designer, with the support of Yvon Maurel on the technical side, designed the Cube. Samuel has worked for several famous brands such as Arper, B&B Italia, Baccarat, Cerruti Baleri, Bernhardt, Binda, Bitossi, Chevalier Edition, Christofle, Desalto, Emu, e15, Flos, Flou, Fontana Arte, Vitra, Wall, Zanotta...

The new central woofer developed for the CS and Woody versions is equipped with a double bass reflex for high-performance and incisive bass. The 2 full range aluminium cone speakers at the rear have their own internal reflectors and give incomparable sound stability. La Boite concept’s patented Wide sound 2.0 offers total immersion and enlarged stereo sound wherever the Cube is in the room thanks to the sound reflexion. 

Dimension: L47 H49 D35cm
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Connections: 3.5mm Analog Mini-Jack, Optical (TV connection), Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-X®
Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz
Power: Amplification 2.1: 2x25 Watts + 50 Watts RMS
Loudspeakers: 3 speakers + 2 vents The CC Lab concept box. 2 X ∅ 8 cm Broadband Wide Sound 2.0®. 1 x ∅ 13 cm Double bass-reflex woofer / midrange with aluminum cone. 2 x ∅ 5 cm aluminum vents. Magnets of speakers and amplifiers shielded to avoid any magnetism
Power supply: 100 V - 230 V AC 50/60 Hz (cable supplied)

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