Gingko Cube Click Clock

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Cube Click Sound Activated LED Alarm Clock with Thermometer Function

The Cube Click Clock is an unassuming alarm clock worthy of any modern bedroom.

What looks like a simple wooden cube is actually quite a clever device. With the snap of your fingers, a clap of your hands, or a tap of the table the Cube Click Clock is on, the alarm clock displays the time, date, and temperature in white digits that seem to float on the cube's surface.

Don't want to go using it like a modern-day Clapper? Just set it to permanent display and the info will remain on the cube's surface at all times. It boasts three different alarm settings and can be dimmed if you choose. If you want to stop relying on your smartphone to wake you up and you want a bit of style and ingenuity in the process, look no further.

Dimension: H68 W68 L68mm
Material: MDF wood box with plastic wood grain veneer finish
Displays time, date, and temperature alternatively
Sound activated display or permanent display setting
Three alarm settings, Dimmer, 12 or 24 Hour setting
Celsius or Fahrenheit setting
3 AAA batteries or 5V-500mA AC/DC plug adapter (USB adapter cable included)