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Cryptex Original Flash Drive

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Digital information is handy and easily accessible; it allows us simply to take thousands of documents with us in our pocket. However, whether you want to take along a draft of your spy novel, photographs from your holiday or leaked documents from a tax haven, you need to keep the sticky fingered types away! The Cryptex USB Flash Drive combines digital storage with physical security, and keeps your information locked up with a combination lock!

Once you've spun the correct five digit code, the outer shell slides off and allows you to gain access to the USB Flash Drive. Sticky fingered types can spin and fidget all they want! The lock's design is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's sketches and has a neat steampunk vibe. It is fully made of metal and has an attractive leather loop at one end -- say goodbye to boring plastic and insecure USB sticks! Cryptex can hold 16 GB.

USB 3.0
Dimensions: 6.5 х 2 х 2 cm
Material: metal with zinc alloy
Please note that is not possible to change the lock's code!