Coup Soleil Table Lamp

Designed by Soon
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Coupe soleil is a cute table lamp which brings a smile to your face, and that’s exactly what the designers would like to achieve. The lamp, inspired by a typical woman’s hairstyle, creates a soft tone glow caused by a fading reflection of the light from the surface onto the coloured inside. The light shining from the inside also reinforces the contours of the hairstyle. A subtle detail is the smiley on the inside created by the power chord which leaves the lamp through a cross stitch.

Material: porcelain (matt finish)
Product info: table lamp with LED light, UK plug convertor included.
Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 29 cm

Delivery Remark

Estimated Arrival: 2-5 working days to HK. 

Code 0200168410028

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