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Fat Boy Bolleke Outdoor Portable Light

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The Bolleke Outdoor Portable Light is a convenient portable lamp perfect to use outside or inside, in a living room, bedroom, or garden. Choose from 3 light brightness modes to create the perfect setting. Simply charge it with the USB portal on top and enjoy up to 24 hours of light. Available in Taupe, Light Grey, Red, or Industrial Green. Includes 1 watt chargeable LED module. 7.9 inch diameter x 39 inch loop length.

Size: 39"L x 7.9"W x 7.9"H x 8"D
Dimmer: Included
Lamp Source: LED
1 x LED/1W/120V LED
LED module included

Total Wattage: 1 watts
Lamp Color: 2700K
Luminous Flux: 39 lumens
Lumens/Watt: 39.00
Lamp Life: 50000 hours
Luminous Flux: 39 lumens
Lumens/Watt: 39.00

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