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Blunt Golf C1+ Umbrella Ø137cm

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The revolutionary Blunt umbrella is made with carefully selected materials and craftsmanship, coupled with a mad scientist's constant testing. GOLF C1+, with e-DryTM waterproof and quick-drying technology, is a special golf umbrella that are both storm proof and "heat proof".

– The umbrella structure with strong aero dynamic, withstand up to 17 km/hr wind speed .
– Patented Blunt Tips, which distributes tension to the umbrella surface for extra safety.
– With a retractable umbrella stand and a unique Radial Tension System (RTS) to prevent flipping, the world's only full-tension umbrella.
– Ergonomic motion handle, push-pull simple cassette.
– Equipped with a stylish umbrella cover with a drain hole at the bottom, a vented mesh opening on the side, and an adjustable shoulder strap that can be hung on the shoulder.
– High-performance super-shade fabric of Fukushima FORMOSA, the world's most professional umbrella fabric manufacturer, with 99.99% insulation heat source + UV.

Model Materials
Type: collapsible
Fabric: Polyester, Carbon ribs